Let me first declare I am not a huge fan of surveys. Personally I think they only have a limited use in Business Analysis work, I much prefer talking to someone ideally face to face, over a video call, or over the phone. Any communication that is text based loses something when compared to talking to each other.

The few times I have used a survey it has been to collect issues in the current state, using a survey has allowed me to collect a large group of opinions and ideas more quickly than I could by talking to individuals, but I have only ever used this as a starting point to further investigations, it has been a tool to find new areas to look at or to focus on.

When constructing a survey I am really careful with the language I use. It is very easy to use closed questions that can lead the recipient, so I always make the  first question open with two follow ups as shown below

1) Describe how you use “XXX”

1a) What works well?

1b) How could it work better ?

I will only add a short list of questions; three to five is enough. Any more and I find recipients will not bother replying or the quality will suffer as people generally don’t seem to like filling out surveys and get bored quickly or go off the point !!

My final two sections would be an overall rating for the thing I am analysing and a free comment section.

For the overall rating I find it best to use a 4 scale, that forces people off the fence because unless a process is very broken people will often mark things as average.


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