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Technical Business Analyst

Technical Business Analyst

The role will be technology focused and likely to be working in IT alongside the development teams Some of my peers have been asked to write small bits of code, or access databases, or technical designs however I believe following

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What is a Business Analyst ?

What is Business Analysis

In the British Computer Societies book “Business Analysis” Debra Paul summarises the role of a business analyst as follows: An internal consultancy role that has the responsibility for investigating business systems, identifying options for improving business systems and bridging the needs of the business with the use of

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Meetings 101


I know we all know this stuff but it’s surprising how many meetings I have been to that were full of good intentions but were a waste of time . These meetings probably could have been really productive if only

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Finding opportunities in a large business area


Many of my projects have started with the following brief from the sponsor: “find where the problems are, make it better, I have a team of 25, (50 or even 100 +)  people but we still have all these issues!”

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Stakeholder Analysis

Key relationships for Business Analysts are with the project stakeholders. Without them onside projects can be very hard but first I guess we should start with a definition of who stakeholder is. My definition is “Anyone at all who is

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Current state interview – What Questions to ask?


One of the most common ways a business analyst gathers details of the current state is to “interview”  individual business people or users. I often find the best place to do this is at their desk. Having all their stuff around

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