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80/20 Rule : The Pareto Principal

Pareto Principal

The term 80/20 rule  is widely used now in all walks of life to describe relationships between “causes and effects” and “efforts and results”  but what is the rule ? and what are the uses and limitations in business analysis?

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More pictures please ! the problem with words

Pictures for Business Analysis

I am sure we have all done this, you are sitting down to watch a film, it’s a film based on a book you have read. The characters appear on screen and they look and sound nothing liked you had

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Planning a requirements workshop

Requirements Workshop

Workshops are a great Business Analysis tool for covering a lot of ground quickly, building consensus, providing opportunities for issues to be raised between stakeholders and generally brainstorming etc to name but a few benefits. Some typical workshop objectives may

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Cost Benefit Analysis

Cost Benefit Analysis

Cost benefit analysis can be applied to everything. In simple terms it means that when looking at solutions you ask yourself if a particular approach is worth doing. Asking does the benefit outweigh the cost is one the most  powerful tools

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Where to start on a BRD

Business Requirements Document

As a new business analyst you have just been given your first Business Requirements Document (BRD) to write. Where do you start?  Bear  in mind the BRD will be used in a number of ways. Firstly the BRD is a statement

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