Technical Business Analyst

Technical Business Analyst

The role will be technology focused and likely to be working in IT alongside the development teams

Some of my peers have been asked to write small bits of code, or access databases, or technical designs however I believe following are the necessary skills

  • Understanding how to navigate a relational database and data modelling concepts.
  • Being able to write some basic SQL queries,
  • Knowing how to define business rules, intersystem mapping,
  • Understand high level concepts like way system is made of modules, of the way data passes in and out of the system. Translation layers between systems
  • Understand some terms like; XML, flat files, Message based, batch, etc.

A role that requires anymore is not really analysis, it is more developing and I would describe that as a hybrid role.

For the technical business analyst role the generic business analysis skills remain fundamental; understand the business needs, analyse options, cost benefit analysis, communication, etc

In my experience business knowledge is still more useful than technical skills. If you are working with developers then the commodity that is in shortest supply will be the knowledge the business process not coding skills, and that is the value a technical BA will add.

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